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Sterling silver necklace with vintage mechanical Hamilton watch movement pendant.

Hamilton Watch Pendant Necklace

  • This handmade necklace was crafted from a vintage mechanical watch movement. A real conversation starter with a cool story to tell. The watch case has been custom made by hand from sterling silver to create a must-have for any lover of steampunk, horology, or vintage jewelry.  

    This watch movement powered a small mechanical ladies wrist watch likely produced in the mid-1900s. A black cotton-padded box is included in addition to the paper card for easy gifting .

  • Passion 4 Watches guarantees the primary bond between the watch movement, coin, or other parts and their jewelry blank, and will offer repair or exchange of the item if there is ever a break in this bond from normal wear. Passion 4 Watches does not guarantee any other pieces or parts of watch movements or other items from damage or dislogdement over time.

    The vintage watches, coins and other components used are often a half century old or greater and many contain delicate parts. They should be worn with care. Jewelry should be kept dry to avoid corrosion. Items may show small signs of aging or patina and marks from servicing or use over their lifetimes. Please review photos before buying, returns are only offered under extraordinary circumstances.

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